Relationship and Marriage mediation is a practical, solution-focused approach for people who wish to  stay together whilst working on resolving disputes within their relationship.


Most couples are committed to resolving issues and disputes within their relationship and will seek out a range of therapies to help them navigate their way. Just as there are many complexities that are at play within the relationship, there are also numerous approaches or therapies to deal with them.

Mediation aims to focus on your core issues and concerns and deals with them in a practical, future-focused manner.


Mediation does not spend hours or mutliple sessions to understand how you have arrived at where you are at, rather mediation looks to identify your core concerns, better understand each other's point of view and explore options to make realistic, sensible decisions that will stand the test of time.


Solution-focused mediation adopts a structured approach to resolving problems and dilemmas that is relatively briefer and more outcome-focused than other therapeutic approaches.


Therapy, to a large degree, typically concerns itself with the past in order to better explain and understand the present. Mediation, on the other hand, only concerns itself with the past so far as to understand the present, in order to assist clients work on a new tomorrow.

Family mediation with a qualified Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) is private, confidential and discreet.


Relationship mediations will typically involve an individual session with each client, followed by a joint session. The initial individual meetings, often referred to as an Intake session, gives the client and mediator an opportunity to discuss their situation and concerns privately and confidentially (no information is shared by the mediator with the other client). This also allows the mediator (FDRP) to gain an insight into both client's situation and consider how to best conduct the mediation session/s that follow. The initial intake session also allows the client to start better understanding their own concerns in readiness for the joint sessions to follow.

Joint mediation sessions are designed to give clients the opportunity to share their concerns and wishes with their partner, as well as hear from their partner on their point of view. With the help of the mediator, clients work through a collaborative, solution-focused approach with a goal of resolving your issues and clear up any communication shortfalls.

Mediations can take several hours and clients typically only require one or two sessions to work through your situation.


Relationship Mediation - For Couples is designed for clients aiming to remain in a relationship.

Mediation sessions are $140 and is payable each session. Credit card facilities are available.

Should the relationship cease and family mediation is required to deal with post-separation matters, such as parenting plans and property settlements, then the Family Dispute Resolution (including issuing s60I Certificates) cost structure will apply. This reflects the additional documentation and legal requirements when dealing with post-separation matters. 

Discounts may apply for clients who commence Relationship Mediation - For Couples that later require Family Dispute Resolution for post-separation mediation.

If you would like to know more about Relationship Mediation, please feel free to contact us to arrange a time to discuss.