Maxwell Parker Dispute Resolution is a private dispute resolution practice specialising in the effective management and resolution of conflict. We provide clients with private, confidential, cost-effective and timely services to resolve a wide range of disputes and conflicts.


Based in Kiama, NSW, we provide commercial mediation, family mediation (FDRP) and conflict resolution coaching services to clients throughout the Illawarra and South Coast and Southern Highlands regions, as well as Sydney and regional NSW.


As a nationally accredited provider (NMAS and FDRP) of mediation services, and with the convenience of safe online conference facilities, we take appointments Australia-wide, including in-person mediation, upon request.


Our mediation and conflict resolution work is typically conducted face-to-face; however, we also utilise secure web-based platforms and teleconference facilities as required. We will often use a combination of these platforms when working with our clients.


Maxwell Parker Dispute Resolution is built on the highest levels of professionalism, privacy and confidentiality.


We achieve this through establishing trust, integrity and objectivity; providing independent, neutral conflict resolution expertise and coaching.


We help clients approach conflict with respect, courage and honesty; to take ownership and responsibility of their matter and to act in good faith. 


Combining empathy with a curious mindset, we help clients to deconstruct conflict and explore options to resolve matters in a way that allows people to move forward, preserve relationships (where possible), and which will stand the test of time.


We are passionate about maximising outcomes for our clients in a confidential, time and cost effective manner. We encourage legal advice to ensure clients are well-informed of their rights, obligations and potential outcomes. We do, however, advocate strongly towards non-litigious, out-of-court, private and confidential resolution of disputes.