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Private support for private clients.


Maxwell Parker Mediation & Counselling provides clients with private and confidential counselling services designed to support each person’s unique and often complex circumstances.


Our goal is to provide practical, private and  flexible  support to help clients navigate a wide range of situations or concerns - either as a brief intervention or longer-term partnership.


Principal Counsellor, Matthew Maxwell began in the specialised field of conflict management and resolution. Matthew’s work has  expanded beyond conflict management and is grounded in the fields of positive psychology and solution-focused therapy. 





Matthew Maxwell offers a person-centred, recovery-orientated and pragmatic approach to counselling. Each client is unique and has their own life experiences to bring to their sessions.


Matthew helps clients to explore their situation, concern or dilemma; increasing their own self-awareness and broadening their understanding of how they have arrived at this point of their lives. 


Just as importantly, Matthew explores what success looks like.  A client’s preferred future, goals, beliefs and values are all considered before implementing strategies to achieve them; ultimately leading to a greater sense of life satisfaction.





Our clients value their privacy and access to discreet, professional counselling solutions in a timely manner. Clients can access our services directly, without the need for any referral or mental health treatment plan from your GP.


Client visits are not reported to external agencies, such as Medicare or any other external organisation or department without your specific, written authorisation.  





Understanding that therapists, counsellors and coaches all have their own style and approach to dealing with your situation is important when choosing a professional service. 


Maxwell Parker Mediation & Counselling offers an integrated approach to therapy and coaching plus a range of practical strategies,  underpinned by the following models and theories:

  • Solution-focused therapy

  • Narrative therapy

  • Behaviour therapy

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy

  • Humanistic psychology

  • Positive psychology

Matthew's studies have included additional subjects in


  • Relationship Counselling and  Conflict Resolution,

  • Working with Diverse People and Promote Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander cultural safety,

  • Working with Children and Adolescents, and

  • Counselling Clients with Addictions.


We welcome new client enquiries via our online contact page or email direct to

Clients are welcome to call Matthew Maxwell directly on 0403 436 453.


In your voicemail, please

include any specific requests relating to the suitability of a return phone call

or any specific instructions, in order to maintain and respect your privacy; as best possible.

  • The initial 15mins of your first session can be used to enquire about suitability and approach, and is free of charge.

  • First sessions may require 60-90 mins depending on the nature of your enquiry, background and suitability assessments.

  • Additional sessions and customised packages can be discussed and agreed to on the day and reviewed periodically.



Face to face sessions are conducted our private office in Kiama, NSW.


Our secure online platform is utilised for clients Australia-wide and international clients.

Maxwell Parker Mediation & Counselling can cater to a wide variety of client and location requests.  Please do not hesitate to enquire about your individual requests.


Our counselling and coaching fee structure is (AUD):


Client  session fee:              $140         / 1 hour 

Youth (13-22yrs)                 $105         / 1 hour

Packages                                   $415        / 4 x 1hr session package (purchased in advance)

                                                       $310        / 4 x 1hr session Youth (13-22yrs)

Existing Clients                     $  70         / 30 min session 

                                                       $52.50    / 30 min session

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