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Keeping family and business affairs private.

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Keeping sensitive family affairs and business disputes private and confidential, out of the public arena and away from prying eyes can be key to preserving relationships and achieving successful outcomes.

Maxwell Parker Conflict Consulting is a private practice based in Kiama, NSW; specialising in discreet, professional, out-of-court conflict resolution. We understand the value of privacy and the importance of managing your affairs discreetly.

Our mediation services are flexible and confidential; catering from small, private disputes to large, multi-person family and business conflict. Our neutral facilitation expertise will help you avoid conflicts of interest, power imbalances and allows for the inclusion of external advisors, if required.

We value maximising outcomes for clients in a time and cost efficient manner. Don't lose control of your dispute or let other legal pathways create unnecessary delays at significant cost. Our priority is to help clients better manage their matter or conflict, to explore mutually beneficial options, preserve relationships and make agreements that will stand the test of time.


Contact Matthew Maxwell, Principal Mediator of Maxwell Parker Conflict Consulting, direct for a free, confidential consultation to discuss your situation. We have a range of private conference facilities available, allowing clients time and space to resolve matters at locations best suited to their needs.


m: 0403 436 453

l: kiama, nsw


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