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Take control of your dispute in 2023.

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

If you’re a party to an existing, perhaps long running and expensive dispute, why not take control of your situation and make meaningful progress towards resolution?

Save time, protect your privacy and keep your matter confidential through out of court mediation and negotiation - with you in control of the outcome.

Mediation is a time and cost-effective means of resolving a wide range of disputes sooner rather than later. The decisions and outcomes agreed are within your control – don’t outsource major life decisions to a judge.

Move forward with a plan to resolve your outstanding (or new) dispute as soon as possible and set yourself up for a better year ahead.


Call or email Matthew Maxwell, Principal Mediator, for a confidential discussion to hear how you can resolve your situation in a timely, cost-effective, private and supported manner.


m: 0403 436 453


l: kiama, nsw


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