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Preparing for difficult conversations

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Whilst the conversation, situation, event or dispute will vary; a difficult conversation is simply one in which the other person’s viewpoint is different to yours. One or both of you have feelings or emotions that run deep and the stakes are high.

People are often faced with challenging situations, sometimes with advanced notice and other times we can find ourselves caught out, on the spot.

Successfully navigating difficult conversations is a skill that allows people to better control their negotiations or confrontations. These skills include having a greater self-awareness as to how we act when faced with a stressful situation, how we best prepare for a difficult conversation or meeting, and how to develop a robust strategy that will foster a win/win outcome for both sides.

If you, or someone you know, needs help with a difficult situation, conversation or mediation, contact Matthew Maxwell for a free confidential consultation, today.

Maxwell Parker Conflict Consulting can help across a wide range of situations, including:

- family disputes;

- succession planning and estate matters;

- small business matters;

- workplace meetings;

- financial difficulties (banking and creditors);

- major events, including sale or purchase of property; and

- pre-mediation.

Let us help you find the courage to have constructive conversations, with skill and empathy.

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