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The Power of Apology

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

An apology is a simple, straight forward and necessary function that enables us to move on in life and is an essential component to conflict resolution.

Benefits of an Apology:

- Reduces anger and desire for retribution

- Improves dynamics of a settlement negotiation

- Prevents further escalation

- Beneficial to the responsible party (guilt, shame, empathy)

- Enables reconciliation and ongoing relationship

- Cost and time effective

Characteristics of a Genuine Apology:

- Recognition of wrong doing

- Taking responsibility

- Regret / Remorse

- Rationale without reservation or excuse

- Reassurances to prevent repetition

- Request to move forward

- Revival and moving on


- Should one be offered?

- How will it be received?

- What kind of apology is appropriate?

- How should it be expressed?

- What will help show its sincerity?

- Should it include a request for forgiveness?

- Should the apology be reciprocal?

- How can this apology help future negotiations?

- When is the best time?

Let us help you.

At Maxwell Parker Conflict Consulting we specialise in helping people resolve disputes.

We help people, families, businesses, workplaces and community groups work through their conflicts and attempt to find common ground that will stand the test of time.

Considering the power of a genuine apology is an important step in the dispute resolution process.

For further information, or to discuss your situation, contact Matthew Maxwell, Principal Mediator direct on 0403 436 453 or via email


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